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Good morning,
I was part of the February 2018 group to Israel. I’m sorry for not responding with my feedback months ago. Initially I was hesitant about going on the trip, but it turned out to be such an amazing blessing!! Words cannot sufficiently describe how the experience touched my life. Thank you to Faith Based Expeditions for organizing an amazing tour. Each of the three hotels were great and the food absolutely tremendous. (The hotel in Jerusalem was the best). Ofer, our guide, was truly amazing! He is so knowledgeable and interesting to listen to!! Dubi, our driver, was also fantastic. The itinerary couldn’t have been better. I was impressed with how smoothly everything went. When asked if I would return to Israel, I and others on the trip have said no because our trip was as perfect as could be. Such a blessing!! Don’t think it could ever be repeated in the same way. It was nice that we had a small group. It made a difference in our experience. I have heard said and echoed by others in the group that we wished we would’ve recorded the wealth of information our guide, Ofer, shared with us during the tour. If he ever records a cd of the itinerary he took us on, we’d be interested in purchasing!
Mary Mccully