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We believe people:

  • Are in search of a deeper understanding of their faith- physically, spiritually, emotionally.
  • Desire to add color & depth to the faith story that has already shaped their lives
  • Long to see, touch, & encounter real places & real people that bring real meaning to the Bible

We believe churches that travel together:

  • Gain spiritual enrichment in learning together “on site” as they walk where Jesus walked, follow in the steps of Paul, and view the Promised Land as Moses did
  • Build community by strengthening bonds among members, bringing together generations, and reaching out to non-members
  • Can be effective in raising funds for mission purposes, building programs, etc. by having a shared vision


A group tour can be organized by:

  • An individual with a passion for the Lord & who seeks a spiritual journey of a lifetime with family and/or friends.
  • Someone other than the pastor/clergy for the congregation (we recommend that clergy appoint an “organizer” for a church tour-a contact person to work with FBE on tour planning)
  • Pastor, clergy, small group leaders, educators, women’s groups, professors, etc!


At Faith Based Expeditions, we have seen how people of all faiths are enriched by visits to the lands of the Bible and we feel called to make these journeys as easy as possible for group organizers.

FBE will:

  • Assist you in planning the itinerary that is best for your group
  • Handle all administrative details including easy on-line registration and accounting of all payments & tour details.
  • Assist you with organizing a marketing strategy (web link, social networks, emailers, brochures, etc.)
  • Personally attend your informational meeting if desired.

Call or email us today to discuss how easy it is to ORGANIZE YOUR OWN TOUR plus how as the organizer you can go for “FREE”.